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Merry & Bright Handcrafted Mystery:
Sometimes crafting a new life can be murder.
Scrap This Mystery Series: Where country roads lead to family, friends, scrapbooking...and sometimes murder.
New Beginnings Series: stories of self-rescuing ​princesses and tarnished knights out to set the world right. 
Far and Away color
Far and Away color

After her son’s suicide in prison, Priscilla Thorn believes if she shows forgiveness to her abusive ex-husband her son will receive it from God. Is Priscilla risking her life by insisting her ex-husband changed so the world -- and God -- will know her son had changed?

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Sometimes crafting a new life isn’t easy. Merry Winters loves her family, crafting, and Christmas. She loves her life, but with her children grown and gone, realizes it’s time for her to stretch her dreams. When the opportunity comes to expand her crafting business, she leaps and soon discovers a dead stowaway in her newly purchased RV, turning her “It’s A Wonderful Life” into “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

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BetterWatchOut front2
BetterWatchOut front2

Santa will be arriving in town soon and a town member decides to help him along by checking some people off the naughty list--permanently. Can Merry unwrap the truth before the killer adds her to the naughty list and crosses her off for good.

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Books. Scrapbooking. Quilting.

Check out the projects page to see and learn about the books, layouts and quilts Christina is working on ... or planning to work on.


Reading has been a part of Christina's life since she can remember and soon developed into a love of writing.


Read about her writing process, her hobbies, and the heroines she believes are a self-rescue princess at her blog The Self-Rescue Princess.

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