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Media Kit

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Christina Freeburn

Christina Freeburn is a full-time writer and focuses on stories with characters, especially heroines, overcoming their pasts and striving to help the down-trodden turn around their lives...sometimes with humor, other times serious, but always with heart.


The Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery Series: CROPPED TO DEATH, DESIGNED TO DEATH, EMBELLISHED TO DEATH, FRAMED TO DEATH, MASKED TO DEATH and the forthcoming ALTERED TO DEATH is published by Henery Press. The New Beginnings Series includes the books: LOST THEN FOUND, LED ASTRAY, SAFE AND SOUND, LONG GONE and FAR AND AWAY are published by Desert Breeze Publishing. Past books include Parental Source and Generation Without Souls, police procedurals which are now out of print. Her first novel, Parental Source, was a nominee for the 2003 Library of Virginia Literary Award.


She lives in West Virginia with her husband, children, dog, and a rarely seen cat except by those who are afraid or allergic to felines.


For interview requests, please email Christina.



If you would like to request a review copy of Christina's latest Scrap This novel, please email your request, contact information, and blog/reviewer stats directly to Henery Press media relations at: media (at) henerypress (dot) com


If you're interested in reviewing the New Beginning Series, please email your request to Christina. Include the blog or column you review for and the name of the book you'd like to review.


Christina blogs over at The Self-Rescue Princess and is always on the lookout for interesting heroines to interview. If you know of an interested heroine, please

feel free to drop her a note.


Guest Blogging: Christina is also available for guest blogs. She has blogged about writing, scrapbooking, Disney, and books. If you'd be interested in having Christina guest blog, please contact her.


Christina's email.

Additional Photos of Christina.

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January 22, 2019 --Release Date for Not a Creature Was Stirring

January 30, 2019 --Signing at Candlewick Inn, Keyser, WV


March 8-10, 2018: Cropping for a Cause Spring Crop, Keyser, WV

April 4-7, 2019: Wisp Crop, McHenry, MD 

October 18-20, 2019: Cropping for a Cause Fall Crop, Keyser, WV

October 30-Nov 3, 2019: Bouchercon at Dallas, TX

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